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Crevier Group takes up the fight against hunger

Part of profits from sales of hand sanitizers and cleaning products donated to Breakfast Club of Canada

Montréal, June 18, 2020 Crevier Group is pleased to announce its financial support to the Breakfast Club of Canada’s Emergency Fund to provide food to vulnerable families during the current crisis. While 250,000 children in Canada normally rely on the Club and its partners for a nutritious school breakfast, there are currently more than one million Canadian children experiencing food insecurity.

For each sale of new hand sanitizers or Catalys surface cleaners, Crevier Group will donate a portion of the profits to the Club’s Emergency Fund. The Group’s objective is to offer the equivalent of 10,000 meals to children and families in need by the end of the year.

“The entire world is facing an unprecedented challenge and, since Canada wasn’t spared, it was only natural for Crevier Group to be more involved in helping the most vulnerable in its communities,” explains Jean-François Crevier, President of the Group. “We have been deeply moved by the work of Breakfast Club of Canada, which has adapted quickly to the growing need caused by the pandemic and is doing an extraordinary job of feeding thousands of families in need.

« “Twenty-five years ago, the Club embarked on its mission to nurture the potential of children in need,” says Tommy Kulczyk, Managing Director of Breakfast Club of Canada. “With thousands of Canadian parents coping with a balance weakened by the pandemic, it is even more important for the Club that children have access to a healthy diet. We are grateful to Crevier Group for their support, which will help us continue to do even more for children.”

Canadians and businesses interested in supporting the initiative can purchase disinfectant and cleaning products by writing to lub@crevier.ca or calling 1-800-363-0590. A transactional website is now available for purchases. In Québec, these products are sold in convenience stores at Crevier gas stations, by the unit or by the case. Please verify availability with your local Crevier Express.

Since the beginning of the crisis, Crevier Group has been partnering with another Canadian entrepreneurial family supporting the Breakfast Club of Canada, Magnus Chemical Products Ltd., for a complete range of safe, effective cleaning and disinfectant products to help Canadians cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. Products are available in several formats. For more information, visit the Website.

Range of products available:


Product Name


Gel hand sanitizer


· Approved by Health Canada (NPN 80097980)

· 70% pharmaceutical grade alcohol

· Contains a natural moisturizer to prevent skin dryness

· Evaporates quickly

· Light citrus fragrance

Gel hand sanitizer


· Approved by Health Canada (NPN 80098665)

· 70% alcohol

· Contains a natural moisturizer to prevent skin dryness

· Evaporates quicklyt

· Light citrus fragrance

Liquid hand sanitizer


· Approved by Health Canada (NPN 80098165)

· 71% alcohol

· Recommended as hand sanitizer and hard surface cleaner

· Evaporates quickly

· No sticky residue

· Light citrus fragrance

Universal sanitizing cleaner


· Universal surface sanitizer

· Helps control growth of microorganisms

· Non-corrosive

· Pleasant light fragrance

Sanitizing cleaner for frequently used surfaces


· Bleach disinfectant for kitchens, bathrooms and resistant surfaces (counters, stairs, floors, etc.).

· Highly effective in removing viruses and bacteria

· Ideal for hospital, food and transport sectors

· Ready to use, no dilution necessary

About Crevier Group

Crevier Group is a third-generation Québec family business and Canadian leader in the distribution of fuel and industrial lubricants. Founded in 1945 by Émile Crevier, the company currently has 180 service stations. Today, it supplies petroleum products to commercial customers and also distributes lubricant products. Through various acquisitions, the lubricants subsidiary has distributed products to over 3,500 customers in Canada. As partner in Hydro-Québec’s Electric Circuit and the first multi-energy station in Québec, the Group is progressively integrating new energies into its product offering. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the company has been offering Health Canada approved hand sanitizers and disinfectant cleaning products.

About Breakfast Club of Canada

Accredited by Imagine Canada for its responsible management, the Club offers more than just breakfast to children, relying on commitment, appreciation and capacity-building in an approach that is optimally adapted to local needs. Breakfast Club of Canada helps to feed more than 243,500 children and youth in 1,809 schools across the country. For more information, visit our website at breakfastclubcanada.org or follow us on Facebook, Instagram et Twitter.

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