Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Solkleen blue?

Answer: We decided to add a blue dye in the product to help the client distinguish Solkleen from the other sanitizing products. It also distinguishes the product from water.

Q: What is the difference between the liquid disinfectant (Magclean 7000) and the gel disinfectant Magclean 7050?

Answer: Magclean 7000 is a liquid product that can be used to disinfect hands as well as hard surfaces. Magclean 7050 is a gel product that is used to disinfect hands. Both products contain 70% of alcohol.

Q: Do your disinfecting products (Magclean 7000, Magclean 7050, Magclean 7010) have an expiration date?

Answer: Our disinfecting products will maintain their quality for 2 years after they’ve been purchased. Our products are made with alcohol which tends to naturally evaporate if not sealed correctly. It’s important to close the container after use so that the product will maintain its concentration.

Q: Do our products have an odour?


  • Catalys Solkeen: Common cleaning products scent
  • MagSpec 6000: Common cleaning products scent
  • Magclean 7000: Citrus scent
  • Magclean 7050: Citrus scent
  • Magclean 7010: Citrus scent

Q: Do our hand sanitizers dry out your hands?

Answer: The objective of our disinfectant products is to eliminate most viruses found on treated surfaces. To achieve this goal, we need to use a solution containing 70% alcohol. Alcohol can dry out your hands because it disrupts the protective layer of oils on your skin. However, a moisturizing agent has been added to our disinfectants, which counteracts this drying effect.

Q: Can I use Magclean 7000 (liquid disinfectant) to disinfect hard surfaces or is it only suitable for hand sanitizing?

Answer: Yes, you can use this product to disinfect multiple hard surfaces.

Q: What is the difference between a cleaning product and a disinfecting product? / What is the difference between Catalys Solkleen and Magspec 6000?

Answer: The objective of a disinfecting product is to eliminate viruses and a cleaning product will only clean the desired surface. Fortunately, our cleaning products, Catalys Solkeen and Magspec 6000 contain disinfecting agents that remove viruses from a variety of surfaces. Magspec 6000 is made from sodium hypochlorite (bleach) which is a powerful cleaning agent. It can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and can be diluted with water to disinfect more fragile surfaces. Catalys Solkleen is an industrial sanitizer which helps control the development of microorganisms.

Q: Is your line of sanitizing products approved by Health Canada?

Answer: Magclean 7000, Magclean 7010 and Magclean 7050 have been approved by Health Canada. You can easily identify products approved by Health Canada by looking for the NPN number on the label.

Q: How do you store the products?

Answer: We recommend all our products be stored away from any heat and UV sources (Sun).

Q: Can Magspec 6000 and Catalys Solkleen be used on fabric and leather surfaces?

Answer: We do not recommend the use of these products on fabric or leather surfaces. Note: If the leather surface is designed to be washed with water, Solkleen can be used.