About us

Crevier Group, which includes the subsidiary Catalys Lubricants, is a third-generation family-owned Canadian company. Founded by Émile Crevier in 1945, the company grew rapidly to become a leader in the sale and distribution of petroleum products. Crevier is continuously integrating new products into its offering. As a partner of Hydro-Québec’s Electric Circuit, Crevier has set up several multi-energy stations in Quebec.

Managing a vast network of over 200 service stations, Crevier is also recognized for expertise in the sale and distribution of lubricants, windshield washer fluid, antifreezes/coolants, surface cleaners and sanitizers.

Through the acquisition of several companies, Crevier has extending its reach into the Canadian market through its subsidiary Catalys Lubricants, based in British Columbia and Ontario. Catalys Lubricants is known for its exceptional service and a dedicated team of specialists who are committed to the needs of its customers. 

During the pandemic, Crevier leveraged its distribution expertise to sell sanitizing and disinfecting products to help keep Canadians safe. In partnership with Magnus Chemicals, another family-owned company specializing in the production and sale of disinfectant products, Catalys MagClean and MagSpec products were developed.

In keeping with its values, Crevier has never compromised on quality, reliability and efficiency. To guarantee this quality, its sanitizing products have been licensed by Health Canada. Crevier also offers superior quality USP-grade ethanol-based hand sanitizers (pharmaceutical/food grade), suitable for children 2 years of age and older. Catalys sanitizing and disinfecting products will help keep your families and employees safe!

When you buy Catalys, you buy local. When you buy local, you make a difference in your regional economy, create jobs and support the various causes supported by Crevier Group, including the Breakfast Club of Canada.